Chris & Leslie's

Eola-Amity AVA

No-till in 2017

Mowing but keeping inter-rows for competition to the vigor on these vines. Sulfur sprayed at regular intervals.

Tops were tipped instead of hedged.  BD sprays started in 2017.

High altitude (600ft) and high clay soils.

All Pinot noir- 777 & Pommard, on 101-14 rootstock.

Baby vines- in their 4th leaf.

Sunny Ridge

McMinnville AVA

Adopted after harvest 2017. No-till farmed, mowed 3 times. Still seeing high vigor. Tops tipped instead of hedged.

Some biodynamic preps and sulfur sprayed to bring up diversity, previously conventionally farmed.

Low-wind site, nestled in a forest. 

Own-rooted, approx 25-year-old Pinot noir and Pinot blanc

(clones unknown).

Lisa and Bradley Oliver are our partners in the vineyard. The are letting us play around with Sangiovese, Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Albarino, Aligote and Cabernet Franc.