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Marit Berning 

Pet Sounds
Sound Check
Mermaid Cafe

Marit Berning is a curator and art advisor based between London and the US.

She works with an international roster of private clients, helping to develop major collections and establish new ones.

In addition to her consulting practice, Berning has curated exhibitions and projects throughout London and the States. She’s written extensively on topics relating to modern, post-modern, and contemporary art, including contributing to peer-reviewed manuscripts and presenting critical essays at a variety of academic conferences.

Sound Check label.jpeg


2021 Pet Sounds Front_Label ARt1024_1.jpg

Greg Hirson  


Twenty Twenty
Picker's Red

Greg Hirson is a woodcut artist and cork expert based out of Davis, California. 

Twenty Twenty_Front_Label ARt_V011024_1.jpg
2021 Pickr_RD_FRONT_Label ARt_V01A1024_1.jpg

Matthew Kuhr


Awkard Hai-cuvee

Matt Kuhr is a writer and linocut enthusiast based out of East Lansing, Michigan. 

This label is an homage/ take on the Ganevat wine

"J'en veux"

2020 LBJ_FRONT_Label ARt_V01.jpg
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