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Little Crow Vineyards


Situated square in the middle of the Willamette Valley- this tiny operation flits around the feet of the larger, more established farms and wineries.


Little Crow Vineyards is a one-woman operation, started in 2016.  

I do all the farming (pruning, tractor work, canopy work, biodynamic and organic sprays) on 2 vineyards, and then I hop into the winery for crush and make the wine. 

This vigneron model was something I learned first-hand from friends in Europe, and when I found tiny neglected vineyards in Oregon I decided to try and make it work here. 

The company is named in honor of the little birds that eat bugs off the backs of elephants, a symbiotic and scrappy relationship, as well as after one of the historical figures in my home state, Minnesota. 

As I work the land I am learning what it means to develop a relationship with it- and I try to honor the way the people who historically lived on this land connected with it. 

- Jessica Miller

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